Keep REMOTE teams aligned, No matter when & where.

Centralize important communication to ensure your people know what you know, making them better at what they were actually hired to do.

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Pulse is not just another remote tool

Pulse empowers you and your team to stay aligned through long-form updates across projects, processes, decisions, strategy and more. Pulse is the first and last word in team alignment.


Pulse provides a centralized platform where anything you write is permanently recorded so that everyone can see it – today, tomorrow, or in 5 years.

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Pulse lets you find and retrieve anything you or your team wrote, from the first ever weekly udpate to the latest internal monthly company report.

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In Pulse you can mention old pulses in new ones so that connections and progress are easier to follow, both for your present team and your future one.

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Don’t chat it up,
Write it down.

Solidify everyone’s thinking through your writing. Designed for long-form updates, so that your words won’t be misinterpreted.

Read Coverage

Analytics give you the full context, allowing you to understand how the team interacts with your message. Discover how many people read, skimmed or interacted with it, so that you can have more impact next time.


Allow your team to dip in and out of important threads, so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in important discussions – no matter where they are.


Request confirmation of reading for mission-critical information, so that you know exactly who’s ahead and who needs your help to stay in the loop.

browser extension.

Display the latest and most important pulses simply and where no one can miss it: in everyone's new browser tab.

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the heartbeat of high-performing organizations.

Pulse helps you and your team to get more done, stay aligned more effectively, and accomplish what was thought impossible.