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How Apple Shipped the iPod in 11 Months
This post is a scripted version of this video. On October 23rd, 2001, Apple Computer, a company known for its chic, cutting-edge technology…
February 9th, 2022Read ->
Builders are the new Pro athletes
Just a little over 40 years ago, Intel CEO Andy Grove, gave the best definition of the role of a manager. grove-managers-output The manager…
July 14th, 2021Read ->
Heuristics to Ensure Your Team is on The Same Page
Have you ever been in a meeting with other people, thought you reached a shared conclusion and some clear next steps, only to find later…
July 13th, 2021Read ->
A Founder's Guide to Over-Communication
Ask someone the top 10 tips for better remote work and chances are that she will mention overcommunication among the top choices. Despite…
July 12th, 2021Read ->
Good Business Writing Is About Logic, Not Words
Today it's almost obvious to state that good written communication creates a business advantage. I've probably read more articles on written…
July 17th, 2020Read ->
How To Write Great Project Status Updates
If you've read this blog before, you know how many times I've talked about the idea of context building. In an essay wrote last year, I said…
July 17th, 2020Read ->
The Weekly CEO Update
Most startups are a hot mess. Once an organization achieves a basic level of product-market fit, chaos dominates everywhere, and the single…
July 8th, 2020Read ->
Internal Communication For Effective Customer Success Teams
If I had to pick one team for which internal communication matters more than any other, that team would be Customer Success. A huge part of…
June 14th, 2020Read ->
The Three Speeds of Communication
Effective communication has three speeds. These speeds must all exist in separate forms. Different products suit different velocities. There…
May 29th, 2020Read ->
Operations and Internal Communication Strategies For Effective CEOs
Most of us are wired to believe that if we say something, those who hear us will just naturally execute it exactly as we had envisioned it…
November 30th, 2019Read ->
Understanding the Media of Internal Communication
This is the third and final follow-up to my first series of essays in the blog. This one will be all about understanding all the different…
October 9th, 2019Read ->
The Secret of Employee Engagement
In “Manage by Context, not Control” I gave a long introductory premise explaining how the work paradigm has shifted. (If you haven’t read it…
October 3rd, 2019Read ->
The Single Most Important Internal Email in the History of Amazon
Read the follow-up: Understanding The Media of Internal Communication I never planned to do a series of articles, but this write-up almost…
September 12th, 2019Read ->
Context over control: the future of remote work
Lately, I’ve been reading quite a lot of reports on the state and the future of remote work. While I think it’s great to finally see some…
August 28th, 2019Read ->
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