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Hi wordsmiths. It’s time for internal marketing.

How you communicate and market internally is just as important as what you’re putting out into the world. That’s why we’re arming you with the finest toolkit to broadcast internal updates and spark discussions.

> @-mention team members

Mention people to include them in discussions or updates without disrupting them.

> Request feedback

Need to solicit feedback? After you shared an update, choose who should drop a comment. We’ll make it happen without extra work.

> Request acknowledge

Got an important update? Send requests to specific people or teams and ask for explicit read receipts.

> Track reader engagement

See at a glance who is opening, clicking, and engaging with your messages. All your updates come with an extra layer of insights.

Share, discuss, and review all things marketing.

Organize marketing updates or discussion threads in specific streams. Very much like internal r/subreddits but for your own team.

> Broadcast your progress

Share your work internally and align your team around the top and most important goals.

> Showcase your work

Give marketing projects more visibility company-wide. Everyone can benefits from better understanding the customers’ pain points and what you’re solving for.

> Email or Slack?

Stay in the loop where it’s most convenient to you. Whether it’s Slack or Emails, we meet where you are.

> Invite to follow

Not just your colleagues, invite others to follow your streams, extend your readership and keep everyone in the loop without all the communication overhead.

Integrated with the tools you already love.

Communicate more effectively on Pulse by leveraging all the tools that you or your team are already using.

> Social

Easily embed tweets in your updates and let people engage effortlessly.

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> Loom

When text is not enough, go with videos in your updates and say more in less space.

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> Slack

Seamlessly streamline key activities to one or more Slack marketing channels.

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    For small teams trying out Pulse for an unlimited period of time.
    • Up to 50 users regardless of their roles
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    • Up to 8 streams to broadcast updates, gather feedback, share decisions, and more
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    For small and medium-sized businesses looking to support internal growth.
    • Unlimited users regardless of their roles
    • Unlock unlimited streams and give extra flexibility to your people
    • Create Teams to further personalize your Start Page, send groups requests and accomplish more
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