For Engineering Teams

Give and get context on code

Create your workspace in <2min

Harness the flexibility of asynchronous communication to improve remote collaboration, share better-written feedback, increase visibility of engineering work, and eliminate aimless meetings.


Spark discussions around what you’re building.

We know engineers hate to get bogged down in endless chat conversations and unnecessary meetings. So we’re arming you with the most extensive toolkit to share updates and discuss them asynchronously.

> Threaded comments

Keep entire conversations together on a single page with easy-to-scan first and second-level comments.

> Request feedback

Like Pull Requests but for team feedback. After you shared an update, just chose who should leave a comment. We’ll make it happen without the overhead.

> Make instant [[references]]

Create dynamic updates by easily referencing posts that you or your team members already wrote.

> Request approvals

Also like Pull Requests but for internal approvals. Make a proposal then, chose who should approve or deny it. We’ll do the rest with no extra effort.

Share, discuss, and review.
More signals, less noise.

Organize engineering updates or important discussion threads in specific streams. Very much like r/subreddits but for your own team.

> Centralize knowledge

Streams keep updates and discussions discoverable, organized, and easy to find at any point in time.

> Invite to follow

Invite other engineering teams or even other departments to follow your streams so they can see what’s going on directly from the trenches.

> Email or Slack?

Stay in the loop where it’s most convenient to you. Whether it’s Slack or Emails, we meet where you are.

> Design for failure

Writing things down can have higher upfront costs, but it’ll help your team not rely on a small set of brains, speed up work and get more done.

Integrated with the tools you already love.

Communicate more effectively on Pulse by leveraging all the tools you are already using.

> Loom

Embed Loom videos in your Pulse updates to share more nuance in less space.

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> Slack

Seamlessly streamline key activities to one or more engineering Slack channels.

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> Github

Embed GitHub Gists or other code artifacts in your Pulse updates.

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Keep your team in the loop without endless meetings

Easily share your daily standups to keep others informed witout extra meetings

Easily share your daily standups to keep others informed witout extra meetings

Caputure your reasoning on internal written updates. Not just code.

Keep people aligned and motivated toward one single goal.

Create internal RFC to review and discuss topics thoroughly and asynchronously.

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    For small teams trying out Pulse for an unlimited period of time.
    • Up to 50 users regardless of their roles
    • Share unlimited updates with your team
    • Up to 8 streams to broadcast updates, gather feedback, share decisions, and more
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    For small and medium-sized businesses looking to support internal growth.
    • Unlimited users regardless of their roles
    • Unlock unlimited streams and give extra flexibility to your people
    • Create Teams to further personalize your Start Page, send groups requests and accomplish more
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