Go async and ship more.
Organize engineering content in one place. From weekly updates and proposals to internal meetings recordings and feature demos – all searchable and transcribed.
Save thousands of engineering hours
Don’t get engineers bogged down in unnecessary meetings. With Pulse, non-participants can watch engineering meetings on their own time, listen to recordings at 2x, and jump to things they care about.
Your meetings recordings
All transcribed and searchable
Watch meetings at 2x
And create time out of thin air.
Follow up with questions
Discuss & make inclusive decisions.
Onboard engineers faster
Instant access to previous meetings.
Your videos in one place. More signals, less noise.
Make all engineering video meetings available on-demand so that everyone can watch, comment, or search for them at any time.
Transcripts. Available in minute and instantly searchable.
Chapters. Highlight specific parts of your videos with chapters.
Integrated in your workflows
We integrate into your current systems to let you import videos, sync recurring meetings, send notifications alert and much more.
Import any recorded meeting or sync to automatically distribute new ones.
Import any video that lives in your Google Drive account.
Notify one or more channels when new posts or videos are shared.
Import any recorded meeting or sync to automatically distribute new ones.
Import by URL any video that lives in your Loom account.
Import any video that lives in your Team or Personal Dropbox account.
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