Operate a focused DAO
Organize content and build a legible development content, amplify key messages and ramp up new hires faster.
Operate DAOs as a high-performing organizations
From executive briefings to department updates – organize all staff comm in different streams. Like internal newsletters for your own people.
Distribute every meeting
Let anyone rewatch.
Amplify key updates
Rewatch meetings at 2x.
Onboard contributors
Ramp up new contributors, faster.
Get Discord notifications
For new updates or videos
More signal, less noise. Build a more focused DAO.
You can’t build productive DAOs on Discord only. It’s too noisy, it’s transcribed so the content is readable and accessible by default. Every video come with rich analytics so you what’s being watched.
Streams. Follow only what you care about. Don't get overwhelmed.
Profiles. Helicopter view to clarify roles and learn who does what.
Integrated in your workflows
We integrate into your current systems to let you import videos, sync recurring meetings, send notifications alert and much more.
Import any recorded meeting or sync to automatically distribute new ones.
Import any video that lives in your Google Drive account.
Notify one or more channels when new posts or videos are shared.
Import any recorded meeting or sync to automatically distribute new ones.
Import any video that lives in your Team or Personal Dropbox account.
Web3 Auth
Manage access by allowing login via Ethereum wallet. (Coming soon)
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