Pulse + Slack

Streamline updates to Slack channels

Create your workspace in <2min

Pair the quick and casual of Slack with the slow and thoughtful of Pulse. The effectiveness of real-time conversations, and the flexibility of slower, high-value asynchronous interactions.


Mirror key activities on Slack with one click.

Meet your team members where they already are. Get notifications in your team's Slack channel anytime a new update is shared or a key event takes place in one of your streams.

> Amplify your messages

Automatically route Pulse updates to Slack channels to notify your people where they already are.

> Search Pulse from Slack

Search across your Pulse updates directly from Slack.

> Beautiful, enriched links

When a Pulse link is spotted, our Slack bot crawls it and provides a simple, beautiful preview.

> Create pulses from messages

Easily create drafts in Pulse out of Slack messages.

Start updates from messages.
Extract signals from noise.

When important updates or decisions get shared in Slack they easily disappear, without giving those who aren’t online the opportunity to catch up. Pulse helps you easily create updates from any message in your Slack channel to keep the updates organized, and make it easy for your team to catch up on it when they can.

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