Pulse vs Slack. Go.

Using Slack? See how the two stack up and why should get on Pulse.


Designed like a chat, for staying connected through the day.

  • Real-time conversations
  • Intra-team comms
  • Quick direction questions
  • Fun/Cultural matters
  • Productivity Bots
  • Pulse

    Engineered like a Mission Control Center,
    for staying asynchronously aligned on what matters.

  • Leadership comms
  • Inter-teams comms
  • Mission Critical information
  • Async discussions
  • Long-form updates
  • Decisions
  • Long-term endeavors
  • Strategy
  • Global announcements
  • Internal Memos
  • Team announcements
  • Stakeholders comms
  • Cross-functional project comms
  • Daily or weekly check-ins
  • Long-term reflections
  • FAQ

    learn why pulse

    Learn why in the age of abundance of information, your ability to create signals from the noise by quickly zeroing in on the most valuable and relevant content creates a competitive edge.

    the heartbeat of high-performing organizations.

    Pulse helps you and your team to get more done, stay aligned more effectively, and accomplish what was thought impossible.