Release Notes

1.1 Pulse References Sidebar - 2020‑06‑01

Leonardo Federico · June 1st, 2020

We're very excited to add an important feature to Pulse. We call it References.

Pulse's References enable a new level of communication for leaders and operators who need to make visual connections with existing chunks of knowledge that were previously shared.

References will not only help the author of a new update through the writing process, but will also help the reader exposing information across an enhanced network that can be easily unfolded as desired.

If you're interested in more, read our introductory blog post here.

Create References

How to create a reference in your pulse

To create a reference press [[. A menu clip that displays the latest pulses in chronological order will pop up. To filter the pulse list, just keep writing. When you've found the pulse you want to reference, press Enter.

When the pulse is published, a new connection is made between the two pulses. The author of the pulse you mentioned will be notified.

✨ ProTip: You can also make references in comments on existing pulses.

[[image – reference in a pulse]]

Consume References

How to see the references to a pulse

Unlike a regular link, a Reference can't be opened in a new tab, but it will appear on the right sidebar. This allows the reader to quickly skim through all the References made without losing much of the original context.

References will be displayed with the classic [[...]] notation both in the edit and read mode.

Feedback or Ideas?

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