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Pulse plus G Suite by Google provides powerful benefits. First, Single Sign-on (SSO) can be easily configured to give all users an easy way to log-in using their existing G Suite credentials. Second, by configuring Pulse G Suite data sync, data can be pulled on a regular basis (nightly, weekly etc.) so Pulse is always up to date with your latest information.

How it works

Pulse admins can easil to authorize Google SSO from the Google Worspaces Admin Console. If you want to learn to their Google Workspace account.

  1. Sign up and create your Pulse workspace
  2. Enable, from the Google Admin Console, Pulses among your Apps provider
  3. Log-in in and invite your team to sign in


From the moment you create new users in Active Directory or your HR system, they can be provisioned to Pulse with details like their first name, last name, email address, and phone number. This gives your users a rich Pulse profile the moment they first log in.

  • Ease people onboarding
  • More secure and centralized control for IT admins
  • Deprovision employees when leaving with one click


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