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GitHub Gist are a great way to share share code, notes, and snippets. For this reason, they come really handy in every engineering update. Pulse makes it super easy to share engineering updates that contain GitHub Gist by visually display them. Your team member can explore your Gists without even clicking them.

How it works

Simply copy and paste any GitHub Gist link into the Pulse editor and we’ll do the rest. Readers will be able to hit play and listen to the video directly from the Pulse platform.

  1. Engineering updates with ease
  2. Host discussion and well-thought conversations around code
  3. Cross-reference engineering updates to demonstrate progress


Pulse helps you make async updates searchable If you feel the need for an asynchronous place where you can have self-paced conversation and thoughtful discussion, but you also want to leverage Slack real-time superpower, this is the integration you've been looking for. Pulse extends Slack by making you long-form async updates more visible by reaching your people where they already are.

  • Fasten internal adoption and foster a culture of written communication
  • Make important updates more visibile and make sure they're not lost in the noise
  • Centralize decisions, updates, processes out of Slack and keep your chats more controlled


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