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1.4 Lightbox Component, Feedback Popup, UI Fixes

This week, we're adding improved visualization for images in pulses. Plus, an easier way to request features and help our team make the product better every day.

Image Lightbox

As a reader, you can now click and view the pulse image in greater detail.

How to zoom in an image within the pulse editor


As a pulse customer, you'll now have access to Feedback button on the bottom right of every page on our web app.

You can use it to:

  1. Request a feature
  2. Product changelog
  3. Report a bug
  4. Get in touch

Request a Feature

How to request a feature in Pulse

We love working closely with each one of our customers. The idea behind this widget is to make it easier for you to share ideas and features that you'd like to see on Pulse. Just create a new issue in the feature request widget.

We keep track of who wrote what. If we need further clarification, a member of our product team will get in touch with you.

Product Changelog

The Product Changelog helps you understand how fast we're shipping new things for you. Each item is likely to be followed with a release note in our release notes directory.

Report a Bug

Something feels off? Click Report a Bug. We'll pre-fill an email with the necessary info our team needs to understand your issue.

You will need to include additional information about the issues you're seeing.

How to report a bug in Pulse

Feedback or Ideas?

Like this update or have ideas to further improve the browser extension? We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with our team.

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