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Streams improvements, easy followers opt-in and better stream naming

With the introduction of videos, we’ve overhauled our entire Stream section. Starting today you’ll be able to create different types of streams: Teams, Meetings, 1-1s, or Personal streams.

Create streams for async team discussions, meeting recordings, one-on-ones management or for you own use

Here’s what the actually means for you and your team:

1. Teams streams

Team streams are perfect to coordinate your distributed team, keep track of discussions, and communicate on a regular basis. They can be private or public. When public, 1) they can be followed by everyone in the workspace and 2) everyone can contribute there. When private, you have to cherry-pick contributors and the content is accessible only to the invited members. You can connect Team streams to your Slack channels to notify your team when a new post is shared.

2. Meetings streams

If – like most of us – your organization is having recurring meetings, now you've got a specific category of streams for them. In these types of streams, you can share everything that’s related to that meeting: from agendas to video recordings or collaterals (ie. slides or polls) or minutes. By doing so, you will not just make your meetings more scalable but will give everyone in your team a permanent and central place where they can catch up if they haven't attended a meeting or want to rewind what was said. Just like Teams stream, Meeting streams can be public or private by default.

3. One-on-ones streams

For any distributed team, connecting on a personal level with another peer is a fundamental component. That’s why we’re adding "1-1s" streams. They are private by default, meaning that they will be visible only to you and your other teammate. This will give you a central place where you can keep track of all your 1-1s weekly or monthly calls. You can also share notes, annotate priorities and keep track of periodic touch base. Connect 1-1s streams to your personal Slack DMs to get notified when your teammates share new posts or video recordings.

4. Personal streams

As leaders or contributors, we want to be able to keep track of what we're learning on a daily or weekly basis and - hopefully - share it with the rest of our organizations. For this now we’ve got Personal streams. This will be like having a personal newsletter or blog exclusive for your own organization.

Personal streams can also be private, in case you want to keep track of calls of notes or transcribed recordings that aren’t of interest to the wider organization.

All the streams that you own or follow will be easily reachable and from your left sidebar. If something deserves a premium seat, add to your “faves” and you’ll find it on top of all the others.

Easy followers opt-In

This time we also made it much easier for stream managers to automatically opt-in people as followers to any given stream.

Opt-in people as followers of a stream

If you want to invite your team to follow a given stream you can still do it, but if you want to skip that step and spare them that extra click – well, now you can. We realize this is quite an important permission, and only stream owners or managers will be able to automatically Opt-in people as followers.

Current streams' contributors and followers will continue to be able to invite others as followers.

Better namings and custom favicons

We understood that you wanted friendlier names for your streams. So, starting today you'll be able to name streams without a hashtag and remove the "-" between words.

Custom favicons for different stream names

And for all the brave ones out there with hundreds (if not thousands) of browser tabs open at the same time, we've made it a little easier to recognize from the favicon which streams you have open.

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