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v.1.17 SSO/SCIM Panel and other improvements

This week we've shipped something big for all our enterprise users: a quick and easy way to configure Pulse for SSO and SCIM company-wide. Pulse supports most of the SSO providers including Okta, One Login, Google Apps, Azure ADFS and more.

How will Pulse SSO and SCIM help you:

  • Give every employee in your company an easy and secure way to access Pulse
  • Automatically revoke access to Pulse for employees when they don't work anymore for your company
  • Bootstrap teams, departments directory in just a few seconds
  • Automatically enrich profiles with structured data that comes from your SSO provider/s

If you're an Enterprise customers, you'll now see a new panel section called Security and Idendity (Profile Menu > Admin Settings > Security and Idendity) with everything you need to configure SSO.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to use at

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