v1.8 New Request for Acknowledge

September 5th, 2020

Acknowledge requests are way to request read confirmation from your people on mission-critical information.

We saw that you wanted more flexibility around requests, so this week we're announcing a bunch of improvements all related to acknowledge requests.

With this new release you'll be able to:

  • Send acknowledge request to everyone in the workspace, single teams or departments or even specific individuals
  • Assign a due date by which the request has be resolved by the recipient
  • Automatically trigger smart nudges for those who missed it in the the shuffle
  • Keep track of progress as teams and individuals review and acknowledge your update

acknowledge request

When you send a request for acknowledge, the receipts will:

  • Get an instant email notification
  • See a new notification issue in their Request area

Note: recipients will only be able to acknowledge the update within the set due date. Once a request has expired, it cannot be resolved.

Learn more here to see how to create a new request.

Feedback or ideas?

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