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Introducing videos: automated transcripts and 1-click import from third-party providers

Today we’re announcing that Pulse will support videos. Wait, I’m not speaking of embedded Looms or snippets from other video platforms for the likes of YT or Vimeo. From now on you’ll be able to upload videos on our own infrastructure, watch them on our native built-in player and distribute them to your audience by sharing them in streams like traditional posts.

Not only will we permanently host all of your internal videos, making them available to your teams wherever they are and whenever they want, but we will also automatically transcribe and index them to make them searchable by you and your team.

Posts with a video meeting recording

Comes with a powerful, custom-built player

Lots of work and tremendous fit and finish went into this particular feature.

Video player for internal meeting recordings

So here are the deets.

  • Speed tuner(0.5x, 1.25x, 1.75x, 2x) – so you can rewatch meetings asynchronously at twice the speed and quite literally create time out of thin air
  • Speaker selection – add people who are in the meeting as speakers
  • Automated notifications – so that you know when someone added you as a speaker
  • Chapters selection – just like chapters on YouTube videos but for your own allegedly less entertaining meetings
  • Follow with transcript – let the transcript automatically scroll as your video is playing
  • Dedicated theater mode – open the video in a new tab and enjoy the theater view
  • Player shortcuts – if you know how to Netflix, you’re good to go
  • Edit transcripts – if we weren’t quite able to catch what you said just edit the transcript and no one will ever know
  • Automated transcripts – just upload the video, when the transcript is ready it’ll be visible right below the player. It takes approximately between 5 and 10min to get the transcript ready for videos in the 1-hour range. That should be a tolerable amount of time – if it’s taking too long, either we're having issues, or your meetings are way too long
  • Integrations with the major video providers (Google Drive, Zoom, Dropbox, and Loom) – import with 1 click videos that you already have on third-party storage providers and get more out of your assets by transcribing and making them searchable and more visible on Pulse

As you might guess, the bulk case for videos on Pulse is meeting recordings. You can read in our launch post why this can be a huge deal for any kind of organization, but it’s particularly important for distributed teams.

Fully integrated with 3rd-party storage providers

It's time to unbury the recordings you've been piling up in those Google Drive folders. Upload manually or import videos from Google Drive, Loom, or Dropbox and make them instantly tranacribed, discoverable and searchable.

Create a "meeting" stream for all your recurring meetings and start sharing notes, agendas, video recordings, and more.

Upload video recording or import from Zoom, Loom, Dropbox or Google Drive

How to get started

To upload a video all you have to do is just click the + icon on the top right, then hit upload videos and select how you want to upload the video.

Upload it manually or select it with 1 click from one of the providers supported.

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