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Introducing personal lists, "send post to..." and a better way to notify users

Working with your customers is a critical part of building a high-quality product. Today we're introducing both improvements and new features that have been asked by our power users.

Personal Lists

As more teams and people adopt Pulse within the same workspace, content will start to add up at such a rapid rate that it gets easier to forget to read important updates or reply to certain comments. Today we're introducing personal lists to help everyone stay more easily on top of their actions. Each user will have 2 default personal lists:

  • To Read: where they can save posts they want to read later
  • To Reply: where they can save posts they want to reply later

You can create custom lists to save or collect other types of items that you want to save for later.

To create a new personal List click on the bookmark icon, then select "Create new" from the dropdown and insert the list name and description. You can quickly access your lists from your left sidebar (both on web and mobile), easily search through saved items and filter them by add date or publish date.

Add post to your personal lists

Send Posts to Individual or Groups

We've heard from customers that oftentimes they had to copy/paste permalinks of posts shared on Pulse and forward them to teammates over emails or group chat. Now there's a quicker, more integrated way to do it directly on Pulse.

Press on the "Send To" icon on every post on Pulse to select recipients from a list of users or groups.

Forward posts in Pulse to users or groups

Recipients will get a well-formatted email with the entire post and or/and or Slack notifications or Browser Push notifications depending on how they configured their Pulse notifications. No further actions are required on your side.

As a sender, you can include a custom message to the post to add context or extra info.

Notify users of new content

We've learned from our power users that sometimes there's a strong need to notify specific key people of new content, regardless of the fact they're following or not the streams where it's being published.

When you're about to create and share new content click "Notify people" on the bottom of your editor dialog to select from a list of users or groups who want to notify.

Notify specific people or teams for important content

Other fixes and improvements

  • Improved visualization of posts' card
  • Added shortcut to the search bar (⌘ + F / Ctrl + F)
  • Improved user's onboarding
  • Added Magic Link as a quick way to get in your workspace without typing a password
  • Improved app performance
  • Added an new button to let you create new post from your Activity Feed
  • Fixed invite dialog experience
  • Improved navigation bar with custom workspace traits (Org logo and name)
  • Improved post reader experience
  • Improved post comment experience
  • Other minor fixes
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