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Improvements to emails notifications

Reading and interacting with posts and content in general from emails, is a key component of the Pulse experience. Until now, we treated emails as simple notifications. Starting with this new release, emails become an integral part of the Pulse experience almost as an extension of the core product interface.

Full posts email body

Starting today email notifications for new posts will carry the entire content body in the email itself. This will save you an extra click because you can now read all that's new without even leaving your email client.

Here's a preview of what a new post notification will look like in your inbox.

Email notifications for new posts in pulse

Our effort went into building something so simple and subtle so that you can focus all your attention on the content itself.

Email quick actions

If you don't have time to read or reply to the post, we placed some convenient buttons at the bottom of the email to help you interact with the content from the email itself:

  1. Save in "To Read" list – if you wish to read your post later
  2. Save in "To Reply" list – if you wish to reply to your post later
  3. "Heart" the content to leave a like

As soon as you click on the email, we redirect you to the web or mobile app, but no further clicks are required on your side to complete the action. You should see instead a confirmation message.

Quick actions in the email notifications post in Pulse

Other improvements

  • Improved all transactional emails
  • Improved comment emails
  • Improved permission change emails
  • Improved Lists sections
  • Other minor fixes
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