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1.2 Option Menu Settings - 2020‑06‑10

The Pulse Browser Extension allows you to share internal updates across everyone's new browser tabs. Until today, you could not further customize it other than basic stuff like your company logo, your company time zones, and, of course, your company bookmarks.

This week, we shipped a new option menu available to all Pulse Customers.

Individual users will be able to customize the browser extension as they prefer.

Pulse Async New Tab Browser Extension and the Option Menu Settings

Some of the customizations that we've included are:

  1. The display of the Pulse it label in the new tab
  2. Persistent Dark Mode (if disabled, the browser extension will default to your OS option)
  3. New Pulse button
  4. Log Out button

On the top right corner of the dialog, we also display the current version of the installed extension. This makes it easier for you to report issues or bugs to our customer support.

Feedback or Ideas?

Like this update or have ideas to further improve the browser extension? We'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with our team.

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