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v.2.0.2 Introducing teams bookmarks and time zones

Bookmarks and time zones are key elements of the Pulse Start Page. Bookmarks allows you to keep key resources in front and center, while time zones help you see at glance where your team is.

We heard that many of you wanted customization around both bookmarks and time zones.

This week we're introducing collections to make it easy for you to customize both bookmarks and time zones based on your teams and departments.

In other words, in addition to you company-wide bookmarks and time zones, you'll be able to create additional variants for teams or departments.

Check out our support guides to see how to create a new time zone or bookmark collection. Once you create and link the collection to a team, everyone in the team will be able to smoothly shift through company-wide and team-wide bookmarks.

Here's how you change between bookmarks collections...

bookmarks collections in company new tab page

... and time zones collections.

time zone collections in company new tab page

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