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1.6 - Pulse Linkbacks, Editor Fixes, Stream Card Improvements - 2020‑06‑25

Last month we brought references to Pulse.

Pulse's References enable a new level of communication for leaders who need to connect existing chunks of knowledge that were previously shared. This not only helps them in writing in a much more comprehensive way but it also helps the end-reader absorbing context and consuming information in a more meaningful way.

References allow you to easily link other updates to your posts, which until now were impossible to see where a specific post was originally referenced.

We're excited to introduce linkbacks. Linkbacks allow you to keep track of what's being linked where.

Visualize Linkbacks

To see where a specific pulse has been mentioned, scroll down to the bottom of the update.

How to view linkbacks for a pulse

If the pulse has been referenced in at least one other pulse, a linkbacks section will appear underneath. The linkbacks section displays all the pulses that mention the one you're seeing.

How to Create Linkbacks

How to create a linkback in pulse

To create a linkback for a pulse, you must reference it in a pulse or in a comment. To learn more about References check out introducing References

When someone references a pulse that you wrote, we'll send a notification to you.

Feedback or Ideas?

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