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A breakthrough browser extension to display key company updates, important events, and resources across everyone's new browser tab.

Where no one can miss them

Get important company or team-wide updates right in front of your people.

Get important company or team-wide updates right in front of your people.

Share decisions in streams and give everyone context and extra visibility.

Share, review and quickly iterate with your team without never loosing track of things.

Request key people to review and acknowledge your key updates.

Subtle and lightweight.
But above all fast.

Our browser is where we get work done, and on average we open a new tab 400+ times every day. We know that if we have to build something that you use that much, it should be subtle and attractive, but above all, it should be fast.

    • Dark mode available
      Optimized to load instantly
      Temporarily hide the start page with one click
      Deployable company-wide with MDM systems
      Supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave
  • With the Pulse Start Page we were able bootstrap internal adoption and get into people’s workflow right from the get-go. Rolled out to everyone’s laptop in a few seconds and worked great ever since.


    CTO/Founder at Cloud Academy

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    The best way to learn what Pulse can do for you is to start with our Free plan and see it yourself.

    • Free up to 50 users
      Unlimited updates (up to 5GB)
      Unlimited history review
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    For small teams trying out Pulse for an unlimited period of time.
    • Up to 50 users regardless of their roles
    • Share unlimited updates with your team
    • Up to 8 streams to broadcast updates, gather feedback, share decisions, and more
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    For small and medium-sized businesses looking to support internal growth.
    • Unlimited users regardless of their roles
    • Unlock unlimited streams and give extra flexibility to your people
    • Create Teams to further personalize your Start Page, send groups requests and accomplish more
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