cross-functional alignment. just a ⌘+T away.

Your browser’s new tab is the most important real estate in your and your team’s computers, and you’re not leveraging it... yet.

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meet our browser extension

Install in just a few clicks on all your team members’ devices and display the latest and most important pulses simply and where no one can miss them: in everyone's new browser tab.

On all major browsers.

The Pulse Browser Extension works seamlessly on all major existing browsers. If you’re not using one of the browsers below, reach out to us.

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge

Superlight, Superfast.

Our browser is where we get work done, and on average we open a new tab 400+ times every day. When you use something that much, it should be subtle and attractive, but above all it should be fast.

3. 2. 1. go.

Three simple steps. That’s all you need to get to full speed with the Pulse Browser Extension.

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One more thing.
Pulse works with gmail.

If you’re still using internal mailing lists, the Pulse Browser Extension helps you proxy some of those emails directly to your Pulse Streams.

the heartbeat of high-performing organizations.

Pulse helps you and your team to get more done, stay aligned more effectively, and accomplish what was thought impossible.