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Launching Pulse ✨

Hey, today is a good day.

We're launching Pulse.

If you're just looking to give it a try, knock yourself out: head to and claim your company account. You can get started for free and invite up to 50 people. No invite codes, no referrals, no onboarding calls needed.

If instead, you're like me, curious about the what and the way behind new products and - perhaps - eager to learn something about us, then all that follows is for you.

Read on.

Asynchronous communication will eat meetings

We believe asynchronous communication is the single and most important enabler of hybrid work and far too many companies underinvest at this stage. If you communicate more asynchronously as a team, your people will be happier and more productive. It’s as simple as that.

The rise of hybrid work will require a stern shift towards asynchronous communication and a more rigorous approach to documentation. Yet we see everyday companies spread across continents stuck in Zoom and exhausting group chats all day.

This isn’t inherently a technology problem. A fool with a tool, it’s still a fool, right? But you’re not making your people’s life easier if they’re swimming upstream against the grain of how a tool was designed to be used.

Tools that enable asynchronous work are the most important thing that globally remote teams need.

As people who previously worked and founded hybrid and remote companies before, we felt this problem on our own skin and we are committed to fixing it.

How Pulse works

Pulse works as an asynchronous message board for teams of all sizes – distributed or not.

🤠 It’s asynchronous communication

At the heart of it, there are posts. Posts are conceptually equivalent to an email. Use them for whatever you want. Company news, team-level updates, daily standups, focused discussions, product updates, internal newsletters, side projects. Fun stuff, important stuff.

Here’s what one looks like:

example of internal company post

You can organize updates in separate streams per team, topic, or project. Once you follow a stream, all of its posts show up in your Activity Feed, just like you’d expect. See something great? Drop some hearts. Add commentary, save to your bookmarks or hit subscribe to never miss future notes.

💌 It's native to email

Never change something that already works, right? We kept Pulse native to email so that you don't have to change everyone's behavior or trick your people into new workflows.

For each stream, people will be able to personalize how often they want to get updates and through what channel: email, push, slack, or something else.

follow via email internal updates

All the benefits of email. None of the drawbacks.

💫 "What about Slack?"

Saw that coming.

But you already know it.

slack noise chat

Chat systems are great but tend to get noisy. Especially as you go from one to double-digits employees. That's why Pulse integrates with them making your long-form content easy to find, search and read.

Building great products is hard

We’d be fools to think we have all the answers and customer interviews can only take you so far.

That’s why we recruited some of the best companies we knew and worked with them for about a year to build Pulse. These companies didn't just offer guidance and support, they helped us build something that could create a competitive advantage for them.

We couldn't be more grateful to them and their people.

Have Fun!

Ultimately we built Pulse because most of the tools we found for asynchronous communication seemed over-bloated portals built in the early 2000’ (well, actually some of them were) and not that much fun to use.

We built Pulse so that you can have fun while sharing, discussing, and collaborating asynchronously.

This thing is yours. Use it however you like.


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  • Words of encouragement and good vibes are always appreciated :)
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